“To provide underinsured and uninsured children, teens, and adults with primary care interventions, health service, and education.” This includes physical, mental, and behavioral services. All services are provided free of charge. We welcome and accept people of all sexual orientations, races, genders, nationalities, ages, economic standings, marital status, religions or no religions, mental and or physical abilities, and family configurations.


It was the dream of a few key people who thought they could do more for those with physical, mental, and spiritual health issues in our community. They decided that there had to be an alternative to help the sick and needy. As they gathered together others, their dream became a reality. This dream of hope has brought forth the creation of the Shalom Free Clinic.

The Shalom Free Clinic is supported by many wonderful organizations and indivduals in our community.

We wish to help others in a vibrant atmosphere that conveys our attitude of compassion, warmth, acceptance, and respect for all people.

The Clinic is entirely staffed by volunteers, both medical and non-medical, from Chico and the surrounding communities. Volunteers are our foundation and we cannot function without them.

If you are interested in making a difference in your community by donating your time, knowledge, money, or items to the Shalom Free Clinic, please see our volunteer page or consider making a donation.

The Shalom Free Clinic has received awards and community support for its work.

Thank you to: